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Culinary Experiences

Private Dining

Either long planned or last-minute decision, Castello Infinity Suites is your perfect choice as a honeymoon destination or holiday with your significant one.

Regardless the purpose of your stay, let us take you on a magical culinary experience through the various options of the private dining or in-suite dining.

Our awarded Executive Chef Kostas Assargiotakis and his team have prepared for you tasteful and unique menus that will amaze you. From Greek and Mediterranean dishes to Gourmet and Fine Dining.

Join us in this journey to discover a different, delicious and delightful dinner every day of your stay in Castello Infinity Suites.

Wine Tastings

Embark on a wine tasting journey and allow your senses to be lifted by the delicate tastes and heavenly aromas of fine grape varieties.  Castello Infinity Suites invites you to give in a ceremonial wine tasting voyage through three different experiences and let all your senses reach the divine through a unique blend of aromas, among stunning scenery complemented by the melody of waves.

  • A tribute to Cretan Wineries
  • Wine around Greece
  • World Wine Sunset Tour

Cooking Class

“Gastronomic Secrets Revealed”

Make your stay at the Castello Infinity Suites even more special with a genuine Greek cooking lesson. This is your chance to learn more about Greek cuisine in a friendly, enjoyable setting. Here you’ll discover the secrets of the local recipes and have fun rustling up some tasty dishes.

The experience includes:

A cookery lesson with our Executive Chef Kostas Assargiotakis.

Lunch with the dishes prepared during the class.